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Early PS3 reviews trickle in

Famitsu rave over RR7

You could be forgiven for thinking that the PlayStation 3 is some way off still, because for many of us it is (March, I ask you...), but Sony's next-generation system is out in Japan on November 11th, and in North America on the 17th. Not that we're bitter, of course. But how is the console likely to fair? Well, early reviews from Japan are filtering through and respected Japanese gaming weekly Famitsu reckon that Ridge Racer 7 could be the best initial offering on the next-gen system.

CVG and a handful of other sites have been hard at work translating initial reviews and reports, and we can reveal that RR7 landed four nine out of ten scores (the magazine's reviews are based on the scores of four reviewers). Resistence: Fall of Man landed one nine and three eights, which isn't too shabby either. The new Genji title meanwhile landed a more mediocre three sevens and an eight, Sega Golf getting four sevens and the new Gundam game receiving a healthy four eights.

So Ridge Racer 7 is the pick of the launch titles covered thus far, it seems, with the magazine apparently particularly impressed by the online play, and the car handling. We'll keep you posted as more opinions on the new system reach our desks and desktops.

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