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Warface Xbox 360 beta launches today

Sign-ups available on the Warface website

Crytek's exceptionally popular free-to-play military FPS Warface launches its Xbox 360 betqa today.

Warface puts players into the heart of combat in a war against the ruthless Blackwood PMC. It features a rather full and entertaining co-op mode as well as the usual head-to-head competitive multiplayer modes that you'd expect from an online FPS.

The shooter which is the first browser-based free-to-play game to use the immensely powerful CryEngine has already amassed a huge player based on the PC with over 9 million players in Russia alone. Warface Xbox 360 beta launches today

The Xbox 360 beta is now running and anyone eager to give the game a shot on the 360 should head over to the Warface website to sign up for the beta.

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