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Hawken making the jump to Steam Free-to-play

Full Steam launch to happen later this month

Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games have announced that their excellent free-to-play mech shooter Hawken will be moving onto Steam's free-to-play service.

In a new post on the Hawken blog they stated that they will be spending a large chunk of February transitioning the game to Steam and as a result they have taken down their servers to begin what will be a sizeable task.

Existing Hawken players are advised to uninstall the client from their PC and wait top be issued a Steam code via the email address they have linked to their Hawken account. This should reach existing Hawken players by the 11th of February. Hawken making the jump to Steam Free-to-play

There's a guide on the Steam transition over on the Hawken website as well as a full FAQ for those that have more questions on the move.

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