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Board The Ship for free

Thanks to Steam Free Weekend...

Good old Valve Software, they're giving us the chance to play The Ship for free. In case you didn't know, The Ship is a new first-person survival mystery outing, developed by Outerlight. One of Steam's Free Weekends is apparently the order of the day, meaning you'll be able to play The Ship from Thursday 1pm PST until Sunday 1pm PST - which is a fairly generous interpretation of the weekend, all things considered.

The Ship is a sneaky-sneaky multiplayer game that isn't perfect, but certainly is affordable, it also tries something different in a number of ways, and is therefore worth a try. The game playsa tad like a ghostly, floating version of 'tag' (but without knowing who is 'it'), given the cut-down nature of computer involvement. The game is improving as as the developers work out the flaws, and with Valve now championing The Ship via Steam, the future looks brighter. More as we get it.

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