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Harmonix reveals a music-based FPS, Chroma

Rockband creators look to weave music into the FPS genre

Harmonix may be best-known for creating Guitar Hero and Rock Band but they have something completely new up their sleeves in the form of new FPS, Chroma.

Chroma is in development as a free-to-play first-person shooter for the PC but it won't be your typical FPS experience, as if anything that Harmonix has ever created could be described as typical.

"It's not a game about human suffering. It's a game about music," said a Harmonix rep describing the game. Harmonix reveals a music-based FPS, Chroma

The music will affect the gameplay in certain ways and is key to the whole experience. A level may experience an earthquake as the music reaches its chorus for instance making this more than just another PC arena-based shooter.

There are plenty of familiar features like classes and team-based play but with the game's completely original music woven through the very core of the gameplayChroma promises to be a unique and engaging experience that will challenge the idea of multiplayer gaming.

Harmonix are soliciting applicants to take part in the current alpha test and you can sign up over on the official Chroma SurveyMonkey page.

Thanks Kotaku.

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