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Burger King games loom

Europe and other PAL regions targeted?

Burgers and games. Portent for the end of the world, or actually quite a good thing? European gamers may soon be able to judge for themselves, if the latest news from developer Blitz Games is to be believed. Blitz are already working on three titles for the Xbox 360 to be given away alongside meals at US Burger Kings, and now they reckon that the games could be released in European 'restaurants' too.

"If we're lucky we'll see them in this country as well," CEO Philip Oliver told "It's not confirmed yet, it's in discussion. For all territories, Burger King marketing works independently in all regions, so it's being evaluated."

The three games are due out in the USA this November, and will play on both the Xbox and Xbox 360, costing 3.99 USD. Defending the games, based on a series of Burger King 'characters', Oliver also notes that he sees his firm's games as the natural progression of games into the mainstream, as well as the evolution of advertising into games. He added that the games are good value and good fun, promising titles better than 'anybody will expect'. In fact, despite the low price, the CEO reckons they're somewhere between Xbox Arcade offerings and full titles. More on this soon.

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