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Vegas demo and Godfather extras hit Live

Marketplace mayhem

Never short of something to titillate, Xbox Live has a rather excellent new demo for us all to try out today, in the shape of a Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas taster now available on the Marketplace. The demo, which weighs in at 477MB, is currently only out in PAL regions - with US and Canadian gamers so far unable to get their paws on the pre-release demo of one Ubisoft's major festive releases via Live.

That's not to say that North American's can get their hands on the demo at all however, as an exclusive deal has been done with the official Xbox magazine, which will see the demo on a cover-mounnted disc instead. Rainbow Six Vegas is due on November 24th for the Xbox 360. A PS3 version is also slated for 2007.

In related Live and Marketplace chatter, we also today witness the arrival of new downloadable content for the 360 version of EA's The Godfather, The premium content will make available in-game currency, weapons and other trinkets which fans might appreciate. 40-150 Microsoft points gets you varying quantities of 'money', 100 points gets you a new weapon to toy with, and a whopping 800 gives you 'The Don Collection'. The latter includes loads of money, guns and other goodies (and so it should for 800 points).

There is a free pack, and it's all about appearances, with various new clothes and accessories available to customise your in-game avatar. More shortly.

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