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Live soars to four-million mark

MS gloat

Whilst the Xbox Live service as a whole still hasn't quite reached the penetration of MMO smash World of Warcraft on the PC, we do today learn that the world's biggest console online service does now boast four million users. It is believed that this figure not only includes current 'gold' subscribers, but also original Xbox users and Silver subscribers - who can access the service but can't actually play multiplayer games over it.

Regardless of the nuances of the statistics though, this is a mighty achievement for the company - who have pioneered online gaming in the console arena. Not content with the four-million milestone however, Microsoft are predicting six million people on Live by June 2007.

Those of you who are fond of numbers will also be pleased to hear that the Arcade has now hit twelve million downloads, with 24% of downloaders eventually purchasing a title - which isn't a bad 'conversion' ratio (UNO is the most popular, being bought by 50% of those trying it out). In total over 70 million 'things' have been downloaded from Live since the launch... which sounds like an awful lot.

The Wii and the PS3 are both expected to give Live some long-awaited competition soon, though Microsoft seem blase to the threat, stating: "We openly welcome other console platforms to join us in [the online] space." More soon.

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