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MS plot third Xbox

Research afoot

Still haven't quite saved up enough pennies in order to get your hands on a new Xbox 360? Not even the under-equipped 'Core' pack? Bad news for you I'm afraid, as Microsoft are already plotting the third iteration of the Xbox console, despite the fact that the system hasn't even been out a year yet. What's surprising however, isn't the fact that MS are already planning an Xbox 3, it is the fact that they're prepare to mention it openly.

Speaking to games site Kikizo, European Xbox chief Chris Lewis stated: "You can't sit back on your laurels in this business - the consumer won't let you, the developers certainly won't let us. So that's happening right now [research and development of a new system]."

Regardless of the fact that numero three plans were no doubt in place as 360 research and development progressed, this news is hardly likely to placate gaming consumers, already concerned that Microsoft are shortening the life-span of consoles. That said, Lewis is of course right that in a competitive market planning is essential in order to steal a march on close competitors. Give it another three years and we might learn more about this. Until then, then.

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