Retailers refuse to stock Bully

PC World, Currys and Dixons say 'no'

Bully, the game which US attorney Jack Thompson attempted to have banned in Florida last week (and then got rather angry when the Judge ruled that the game wasn't a threat to public order), won't be sold at several major retail chains in the UK. Bully - Canis Canem Edit (Dog Eat dog) in Blighty - will not be stocked in PC World, Currys or Dixons.

The stores are all owned by retail group DSG International, and it sounds like the controversial Rockstar game doesn't quite suite the company's clientele. "We have no plans to stock Canis Canem Edit," read a statement from Currys. "We're fully aware people will be able to buy this game elsewhere, but we feel this game is not appropriate for Currys' family-friendly image."

"We have a good relationship with the game's producers Rockstar, and look forward to working with them going forward," the statement released today assures us. Parents groups have been concerned over the child-on-child violence which it is believed is depicted in the new title, and the subject matter of the game has even been raised in parliament. Despite Bully being withdrawn from sale, then, the retail chain seem happy to sell other 18-certificated titles, and are also taking pre-orders for Vice City Stories on the PSP. More as we get it.

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