22Cans continues their monetization experiments with Godus

Molyneux describes current mobile free-to-play monetization as smashing customers with a huge hammer

Peter Molyneux has been talking about the monetization model they will be using for 22Cans' next game Godus.

Following on from their monetization experiments in their' first title the mobile game Curiosity, 22Cans will be using a monetization model “that hasn't existed before” for the in-game store in Godus. Speaking on mobile free-to-play games he described the monetization methods used in the majority of games as akin to "taking a huge hammer and smashing our customers with it.”

Molyneux continued, “We're saying 'Be patient or pay money.' That's not a delightful mechanic. That's not going to get people to invest their money." 22Cans continues their monetization experiments with Godus

In Godus the online store won't even be available until the game deems players are ready for it.

The Fable and Black And White creator added that they are working to "put as much inventiveness and creativity into people paying money into a game as we would any other mechanic."

Godus is currently available as on Steam Early Access.

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