Xbox 360 News

No Xbox Live on Tuesday

But no Dashboard update, either

Xbox Live will be closed for a whole day next week - on Tuesday October 17th, though Microsoft are denying that the scheduled down-time has anything to do with the long-awaited Autumn update to the Xbox dashboard. From midnight Pacific Time the service will be down for 'up to' 24-hours. That's from 7am in the UK (BST) or 5pm in Australia (Sydney time).

So, no Autumn dashboard goodies yet, sorry boys and girls. What are the Xbox team up to then? "Secret cool stuff that we'll tell you about when we're back online October 18. Other stuff we'll be talking about later in the fall." Right you are then, guys.

More on Xbox Live as and when we get it. But don't be disappointed if you can't play on Tuesday folks.

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