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Steam lands Acti games

Call of Duty and GUN first up

Half-Life 2 developer Valve Software took another bold leap today towards domination of online games distribution, as publisher Activision announced a new deal which will see a number of the firm's biggest titles sold and delivered to PCs via the online distribution service. Call of Duty 2 is perhaps the biggest title, and will be downloadable for those coughing up 39.95 USD. The first Call of Duty game will also be available, costing 19.95, likewise Call of Duty: United Offensive - also available for 19.95. More recent release GUN, from Tony Hawks crafter's Neversoft, will also cost 19.95 USD, but as yet neither Valve or Acti are revealing when these titles will hit Steam.

Several Majesco titles are also available via Steam, such as the delightful Psychonauts, not to mention expensive flop Advent Rising. Ubisoft's Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is also yours for the taking on the service. Then of course there's City Life - as well as innumerable other titles such as Red Orchestra and Rag Doll Kung Fu. Indeed, Valve's platform, created to sell Half-Life 2 and related titles via the interweb, has actually elevated Valve into one of the web's most important publishers - which will no doubt be of concern to those firm's still thriving on boxed-copies. EA take note. More soon.

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