Wii tours Japan

Three locations, two platforms

With the Wii console due out in Japan on December 2nd, taking on the PlayStation 3 console immediately, there is clearly a PR battle to be undertaken by both platform holders - something which hasn't escaped Nintendo's attention. Thusly we today learn of 'Nintendo World 2006', a Japan-wide tour commencing next month, designed to show-off the very best the Wii and DS systems have to offer.

The tour will be the first opportunity for Japanese gamers to sample the new console, and given how crucial their home-turf is to the Big N (likewise with Sony, too), this will be a well-managed and intimately-observed showcase. World 2006 is probably Ninty's answer to the Tokyo Game Show, which the firm has a habit of bypassing - this year leaving Sony to dominate the proceedings with PS3 hyperbole.

The showcase will be entirely free, with the tour taking in Nagoya on November 3rd, Tokyo (in Chiba) on the 25th and 26th and Osaka on the 12th. Nothing is scheduled for Fukuoka or Sapporo, however - sorry residents of Kyushu and Hokkaido. More as we get it.

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