Earth Defense Force 2025 launches today

Time to shoot some more giant bugs

Sandlot's cult shooter series Earth Defense Force makes its return to Xbox 360 and PS3 today.

Earth Defense Force 2025 sees the giant insects awaken and start levelling cities with only the EDF standing between the Earth and total annihilation. The game features over 700 weapons and four new soldier classes with which players can crush some giant bugs with. It's probably the closest anyone will get to a Starship Troopers game minus the biting satire.

D3P's Peter Andrew said, “Not much is more satisfying in games than letting out a little steam and saving the planet from the infestation of insects that has returned bigger than ever in Earth Defense Force 2025. Nearly everything is completely destructible and players can start each battle fully equipped the way they wish that surely will create countless hours of fun for all.” Earth Defense Force 2025 launches today

Earth Defense Force 2025 is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 from today and series fans will find a host of avatars and weapon packs available on Xbox Live. The weapons are also available on PSN.

E3 Trailer