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Browse the Xbox Marketplace via web

Live Pipeline live

The Xbox Live Pipeline, a new website yesterday blamed for misinforming gamers about the pricing of Arcade title Lumines Live! is now live, and allows PC users to browse the trinkets available on the Live Marketplace, from the comfort of their web-connected PC. You can check out the Xbox Live Pipeline right now for yourself, though you can't - naturally - buy stuff on there without logging-in in the traditional manner via your console. Anything else would be lunacy!

On the plus side, browsing the Marketplace using a keyboard and mouse is much faster and less-cumbersome than the Xbox 360 interface and remote, and it is perhaps for this reason that Microsoft have upped the accessibility, in the hope that gamers will buy more from it. The site also covers the latest 360-related products (at present it highlight the Vision cam, par exemple), and explains stuff like the Microsoft Points purchasing system - used on the Marketplace.

With the MS Zune media player out stateside this year, the Marketplace could take on new purpose, with Microsoft selling downloadable wares not simply for the Xbox, but potentially PCs and their iPod rival too. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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