Ubisoft chief warns of EA threat

Says creativity could be threatened

Speaking to UK games industry website, director Alain Corre has warned of the damage that an EA take-over could do to his publisher, the French-owned Ubisoft. EA have held 20% of the publisher's shares for some two years now, and with Ubisoft enjoying impressive growth, chatter surrounding a possible buy-out of the company have once again been intensifying.

"We have the capability, the management, the brands, the studios and the energy to go on alone," Corre explained candidly. "I think it would be dangerous for a company like Ubisoft to get together too much with a company like EA, because it could kill creativity - and in our industry, I think that's key."

Corre believes that Ubisoft has demonstrated it has the potential to succeed on its own, with numerous sales successes over the last couple of years, and a strong line-up of original IP hits that are a far cry from the yearly franchises that make up EA's bread-and-butter. With new acquisitions Driver and the developer Reflections, Ubisoft are now hoping to push into new genres, racing and RPGs, according to the director. More on this as we get it.

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