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Could Fable Legends be free-to-play?

Lionhead yet to discuss business models for their Xbox One debut

It appears that Lionhead haven't settled on what kind of business model they will be using for their first foray into next-gen gaming, Fable Legends.

Lionhead CEO John Needham has stated that they haven't talked about what business model the game will use but it seems that free-to-play is a possibility for the Xbox One title.

"We haven't talked about the business model yet," explained Needham. "I think the real magic in the industry now is taking great traditional gameplay and IP, and this new connected world, and mashing them together." Could Fable Legends be free-to-play?

He went on, "Legends is quite different from previous Fable games. There are lots of examples in the MMOG world of keeping players engaged for that length of time, with new content constantly flowing into the game, and bolting on new [modes] into your game to keep it fresh. It all comes down to listening to your community, building content into the game that they want, and then iterating upon that."

"The trick with Legends,” Needham enthused, “and the question we're constantly asking, is: 'Is it Fable?' Even with the connected aspects. That's why Fable Anniversary's launch in February was perfect, because it grounds us - we want to make sure we're maintaining what makes Fable great.”

He added, "Now we're looking at all these great online features we're building into Legends. We're bringing both of them together, taking what's great about Anniversary and [Fable] II and III and bolting on features that make it a great connected experience."

Could Fable Legends be free-to-play?

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