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Planet Moon take After Burner

Sega classic re-born

We already knew that developer Planet Moon were charged with crafting a new PSP title based on a classic Sega franchise of yesteryear, and today we learn that the project in question is After Burner, with the developer already hard at work on an update for the PlayStation Portable. After Burner: Black Falcon will boast wireless multiplayer modes, both the competitive and co-operative variety, not to mention a full singleplayer campaign as well. The game is currently scheduled for a release in the spring of 2007.

We're told to expect nineteen real-life planes, brought to After Burner in vivid detail, and a richly-told story mode surrounding the origins of the Black Falcon, who have seemingly pinched 13 planes. The saucy devils. The original After Burner remains an Arcade favourite with retrophiles, whilst Planet Moon's impressive pedigree will certainly be tested by the task of delivering a compelling game, true to the origins of the name, on the diminutive platform.

"As huge fans of the original After Burner, we are delighted to re-imagine this classic arcade franchise," enthused Planet Moon's Bob Stevenson. "Building After Burner: Black Falcon from the ground-up enables us to craft the game with PSP features in mind with all-new multiplayer modes, customisable jets and over-the-top gameplay. Most importantly, it’s approximately 9000% more portable than the original arcade cabinet." More soon.

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