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PS3 tilts for NBA 2K7

Lean on me...

The PlayStation 3 tilt controller will already be utilised by a number of games - though none of them are about basketball, with 2K Sports today revealing that NBA 2K7 will make use of the feature when the game is released in March next year. The newly named Sixaxis controller will apparently allow players to attempt a shot from the free-throw line, which we're told is an interesting option for those interested in basketball.

2K's latest sporting assault on a market dominated by EA. will see real players motion-captured for authenticity, and a number of devilish moves that players of the sport will probably be familiar with. There's also what sounds like a sort-of manager mode on-board, and multiplayer will support seven (SEVEN? - Ed) on one PS3, or five versus five games online.

The tilty PS3 edition will launch in March, then, with versions for other formats already available. There's even a a demo on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. More soon.

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