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New Mortal Kombat on Arcade next month

Street Fighter braced for tussle

GameSpot US revealed late yesterday that Midway's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 will be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade next month, in the first hint at dating we've heard since the title was officially announced by the American publisher. Ultimate MK3 will be following hot on the heels of Capcom's Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, which is already available to download via the popular service.

Like Street Fighter, MK3 Ultimate will include an online combat mode pitting two players against one another 'old skool' style. This isn't Midway's last release for the Arcade either, the firm are also promising a number of other retrograde hits over the coming months, such as Paperboy and Defender. The publicity sparked by DOOM's arrival on the service seems to be already having an impact too - with developer 3D Realms last week mooting the possibility of Duke Nukem 3D joining the Arcade.

We'll keep you posted as more titles launch, with Microsoft hoping to continue adding a new title every Wednesday. More soon.

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