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Goo attacks Second Lifers

What would Prince Charles say?

A naughty youngster, who's mother would be very disappointed that they can't just play nicely like the other good boys and girls, has been spoiling everyone's fun, in persistent online world Second Life. The 'griefer' in question, who's identity has yet to be uncovered, has unleashed a rather nasty bout of self-replicating 'goo' into the game, causing everything to dissolve into what reports are describing as 'grey sludge'.

'Grey goo' is, we learn today, a nicer way of describing an "apocalyptic nano-gone-wrong scenario," where nano-assemblers replicate so rapidly everything crumbles into a big, horrible mess. Certainly, Prince Charles would be worried, though luckily we couldn't reach him on his mobile in order to give him a real fright.

Whilst developers attempt to repair the game, all scripts have been disabled, and the title is being re-started 'grid by grid', meanwhile access to the game has been limited as the 'goo' is fought. The company hope to have Second Life up and running as normal soon. We'll keep you posted as we get learn more.

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