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Japanese PS3 titles priced

For you: 5,980 yen.

You may recall a couple of weeks back that the Sony Style US website revealed that several titles for the PlayStation 3 console would launch costing 59.99 USD. Well, despite the lack of similar pricing clues in PAL regions (Europe and Australia), we today receive word about the pricing of some Japanese games, which will cost 5,980 Yen when sales commence in the land of the rising sun. That's 40 Euros, 67 AUD, or 27 GBP, if that helps.

Whilst these prices aren't far off the US numbers, then, it's worth noting that PAL region pricing is likely to be somewhat higher - as these prices are similar to those already common in both North American and Japanese markets. By contrast, next-generation games in the UK can cost as much as 50 GBP, making it unlikely that normal games retailers will reflect the lower pricing in other regions.

Both Japanese debut titles priced so far will be released on November 11th, alongside the new console (which has disappointingly been delayed in PAL regions, anyhow) on November 11th. Genji and Resistance: Fall of Man are the games in question, whilst MotorStorm has also been priced at 5,980 Yen, and will be out on December 7th. More PS3 launch fun as we get it.

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