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Halo credited with Lost Planet inspiration

Inafune reveals Halo appreciation

You probably already know that Capcom's action title Lost Planet is one of the most eagerly-anticipated titles currently being crafted for the Xbox 360 console, what you probably don't know is that we actually have Halo to thank for the game's very existence. Speaking to website Kotaku, Capcom producer Keiji Inafune described the game as being inspired by Bungie's smash-hit.

"I really wanted to do something as cool as Halo," he explained. "I'm a big Halo fan, but it's not well known in Japan. It's very interesting, but very American." It was apparently this stance that Inafune took to the publisher when seeking the greenlight for the title. "When we described the idea, we couldn't get approval. But, when we showed them what we were working on, we got approval," Inafune revealed, explaining that Capcom were initially concerned by Halo's lack of success in Japan.

The producer explains that while Halo inspired much of the action in the new game, an altogether more Japanese flavour was added via the inclusion of robots. Lost Planet is slated for release this January. More soon.

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