Acti steal Stainless deal

Empire Earth developers signed
Activision yesterday confirmed that a new deal had been struck betwixt themselves and Stainless Steel Studios, the developers behind the million-selling Empire Earth game. The new deal is a multi-platform, multi-game arrangement, that will see the much applauded developers games published by Activision for some years to come. "Our agreement with Activision is great for both companies and especially casual and hardcore strategy gamers, " agreed Rick Goodman, President of Stainless Steel Studios. "We looked for three main things in a publishing partner: a strong philosophical dedication to create the best games possible; help in identifying and aggressively integrating consumer suggestions and critiques into our products; and excellent production services including outstanding quality assurance capabilities and a commitment to ongoing post-release support. Activision more than fulfilled all these criteria." Before forming Stainless Steel, Rick Goodman was the lead Designer on Age of Empires, co-found Ensemble Studios, and it looks like we’ve more games of a strategic persuasion to come from him.
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