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Chili Con Carnage bound for the PSP

Total Overdose spotted on Sony handheld

Eidos Interactive's Total Overdose is apparently not content with having already delivered its own unique brand of Mexican-flavoured shooting to the PC, PS2 and Xbox - with developer Deadline Games now announcing Chili Con Carnage for the PSP handheld. The new title, based on the 'Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico', will be out in spring 2007, with more tumble-weed, tequila and gun-battles promised en masse.

Ramiro Cruz will once again star, as in Total Overdose, and a very similar-sounding plotline will once again see our young hero off to battle druglords and avenge the murder of his father. A wireless multiplayer mode will be one of the PSPs unique features, and we're promised bullet-time-esque ammunition dodging, not to mention the 'exploding chickens'. Which, as you might imagine, was one of our favourite features on the console original. More on this as we get it.

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