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Site launches Gamerpoints service

Those naughty men.

Fresh from the mindset that brought you World of Warcraft gold for-sale through the internet, comes, a new site and service which is hardly likely to please Microsoft (much in the same way Blizzard sincerely dislike those re-selling gold). The site allows those with more money than sense to 'buy' videogaming success, by crediting a customer's Xbox Live account with gamerpoints usually earned through in-game glory on the multiplayer service.

Tapping into the success of gold farmers and those naughtily selling currency for persistent online titles (an activity, it is said, which unbalances the fairness of the title), are selling 500 gamerpoints for 39.99 USD, and for 299.99 USD you can land a whopping 3000. It isn't a process without risk for the gamer, either, as to credit the points to your Live account you'll need to pay then temporarily hand over control to those running the site, who will undertake the leveling-up.

More over, it isn't clear if you can specify which games you'd like to pay-to-succeed in, so it could be that the points will be achieved via a title in which you have little or no interest. Which is hardly ideal. Alternatively, a number of other sites are happy to offer advise on improving your gamerpoints tally, without the need for outright cheating. Which is probably better. Maybe. We think.

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