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Burger King super-size meals (with Xbox games)


"Would you like an Xbox game with that?" will be the cry ringing out in US Burger King stores from this November, as the fast food chain announce a new deal which will see Value Meals bundled with videogames. From November you'll pay 3.99 USD for games such as Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin' and Sneak King - with each title offering a few levels, playable on the traditional Xbox or the new-fangled Xbox 360.

Blitz Games have developed the titles, and they've been made to make use of Burger King's various marketing character creations, so don't expect Mario, Joanna Dark or Sam Fisher to be turning-up anytime soon. It isn't clear whether these games will be launched in European, Australian or Asian Burger King outlets, but as the chain has already splashed the cash on development, it wouldn't be a surprise if they arrived at some point.

As for whether the games themselves are actually any good, well, let's just say - as with fast food - you'll probably be getting what you pay for.

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