Atari sell-off Shiny

Publisher completes desperate measures

Shiny Entertainment (MDK, The Matrix Reloaded, et al) founder Dave Perry recently went out looking for a buyer for his firm, after publisher Atari made it clear they need to sell the successful developer in order to raise cash. Well, it looks like Perry's search was fruitful, with US developer Foundation 9 Entertainment announcing the purchase of the company from the ailing publisher.

"Shiny Entertainment fits well with the current studios of Foundation 9 and aligns with our long-term goals for the future," enthused Foundation 9 bigwig John Goldman. "The studio has tremendous talent and experience working with big Hollywood franchises and will be working with us on a major, as-yet-undisclosed day and date release. The Shiny team will only add to our capabilities and technology base."

Foundation 9 is America's largest independent grouping of developers, and Shiny will work alongside The Collective, another studio part of the wider group. Atari recently sold-off the Driver and Stuntman series' in order to raise funds as part of a serious restructuring which it is hoped will save the company. "We now have a centralised organisation that can utilise external studio execution while maintaining internal focus on creative development and production," commented Atari's CEO on the sale.

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