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Duke 3D mooted for 360 Arcade

But it could be tough...

Whilst the shock-arrival of Doom on the Xbox 360 Arcade wowed fans of early-era FPS titles and provided the game download service with an easy shot of good PR, that doesn't mean a raft of other pleasant surprises are en route necessarily.

Responding to eager chatter on their forums, and a sizeable petition, 3D Realms made it pretty clear that a version of Duke Nukem 3D for the Arcade is not inevitable, despite the arrival of Doom on the service. "You'd be surprised what they've turned down," 3DR webmaster Joe Siegler stated on the developer's forums. "Don't just assume MS will want it just because you like it, and it's popular. Hate to sound defeatist, but it's not as easy as 'send it to Microsoft and get it on there'. It's a rather complicated procedure, and MS is fairly picky about what goes on there."

Siegler stated that boss George Broussard had mooted the idea previously, but that there were issues to do with time creating the port, as well as whether Microsoft would even be interested in carrying the title in the first place. "Don't just assume they would, there's a big submissions procedure to go through. Plus their release schedule is booked solid for quite awhile now, even if we delivered it to them today, I would imagine it wouldn't come out for a while anyway," he explained.

All that said, 3D Realms are definitely keen on the idea of the Duke on Live - so it could be a case of waiting to see whether they can make it happen - which is promising. We'll keep you in the loop.

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