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Swery65 trying to work player empathy into D4's gameplay

Deadly Premonition creator really exploring what Kinect for Xbox One can do

Hidekata 'Swery65' Suehiro seems to have really taken to Kinect 2.0 in developing his new game D4.

He's revealed that he is looking into how he and his development team can implement the new features like Kinect 2.0's ability to read facial expressions as a meaningful component in the gameplay.

The Deadly Premontion creator explained, "The original Kinect was enough for me to come up with the concept for D4, but for using the player's whole body in various poses, the new Kinect is indispensable." Swery65 trying to work player empathy into D4's gameplay

"For one thing," he went on, "it can now track all your fingers, and for another it lets you play sitting down. Voice control makes the interaction more responsive, and you can get closer to the screen and even play in a dark room. The new Kinect can even read your facial expression, so I'm currently finding a way to implement the player's empathy."

D4 is being built around the Xbox One's new version of Kinect but the episodes will also feature the option for players to use the Xbox One controller as well.

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