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New Zone of the Enders for PS3?

Magazine report sparks rumour

Konami could be releasing Zone of the Enders 3 on the PlayStation 3 next year, if a report in UK magazine 'PSM3' is anything to go by. The magazine reckons that a full announcement is scheduled for November, with Hideo Kojima set to oversee the project at Konami's bequest. 'Kojima Studios' are listed as developers, whilst UK site were astute enough to point out that they probably mean 'Kojima Productions', the true name of the veteran designer's team at the publisher.

For their part, Konami aren't giving much away despite the magazine report, and won't confirm the existence of the new title - which leaves everything very much in the air still. Zone of the Enders was a plot heavy mech title, heavily influenced by the Japanese aesthetic, which enjoyed a couple of outings on the PS2 thanks to Konami. More on Zone of the Enders, if it exists, as we get it.


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