Triple-A development not healthy at the moment says Avalanche boss

Sundberg believes the business side of things is stuck 15 years in the past

Christofer Sundberg, the boss of Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios has been talking about the less-than-healthy state of the games industry at the moment.

Sundberg believes that the business side of the industry has failed to keep up with the evolution of technology it serves.

"It’s really not healthy at the moment. Games have evolved, technology has evolved but as businesses we’re still stuck where we were 15 years ago. As budgets grow, risks increase,” Sundberg explained. Triple-A development not healthy at the moment says Avalanche boss

He went on, "The publishers are nervous because they have to project a game being a massive hit three years into the future and the developers are frustrated because they need to be flexible to every move the publishers make. It’s impossible to make everyone happy in the current equation.”

"Very few traditional 60 USD games make any money,” he added, “and what used to make sense doesn't any more. Publishers and developers very rarely see a return of investment from a five to eight hour long game. The investments in a triple-A game these days are huge and even if everyone of those two million people bought a copy each, most big games would not break even if they were next-gen exclusives."

Thanks GameSpot.

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