Sega meddle with His Dark Materials

Golden Compass game for late 2007?

Book publisher Scholastic and film studio New Line Cinema have signed a new deal with Sega, which will see the Japanese publisher exclusively working on the game rights to titles based on the forthcoming 'His Dark Materials' series of films. Philip Pullman's fantasy trilogy has already sold by the bucketload in book-form, the critics describing his works as what Harry Potter hopes to be when he grows up.

The first film in the trilogy is due out in November 2007, and Sega will no doubt be plotting a game to launch in tandem with this major cinematic release. We've no word on which developer will be charged with crafting the first-game, but we reckon it won't be Sports Interactive. An 'action-adventure' does - inevitably - seem like the likely genre however. The first flick will be called The Golden Compass, the US name of the book - which was also called Nothern Lights in the UK and certain other countries.

Those who already know the books will be enthused by the prospect of Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter, whilst Daniel Craig (the new 007) seems equally well cast as Lord Asriel. Lyra will be played by Dakota Blue Richards of whom we know little, and the film is said to have a hefty 150 million USD budget.

There's certainly plenty of material there for a jolly-good computer game, if Sega play their cards right, and the books certainly weren't short on excitement either. Indeed, the real challenge will be getting any of the subtleties of the novels across in game form... which could be a real challenge. More as we get it.

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