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No price cut for Euro, Aussie PS3

Blu-Ray not a drag on the price, says Harrison

Sony Computer Entertainment currently have no plans to cut the cost of the 20 GB PlayStation 3 console, despite the company having slashed the price of the basic console in Japan based on retail and consumer reaction. That's the latest word from Phil Harrison, who has this week been speaking to GamePro magazine stateside.

The executive added that Blu-Ray playback dramatically increasing the cost of the system is a misnomer, as the higher capacity drive was an 'essential' part of next-generation games development. In fact, the drive has no 'unnecessary costs' associated with it, apparently - despite the hardware being the most expensive component in the new console.

"There's this sort of misunderstanding that the Blu-ray disc player for movies is somehow burdening the console with unnecessary cost," Harrison told GamePro. "That is completely not true. We put our Blu-ray Disc functionality in the console purely from a game design point of view. Once we had that storage capacity on Blu-ray Disc, adding the movie playback functionality was extremely cost-effective, [the additional cost] is actually non-existent."

European and other PAL region pricing remains very high then (500 Euro, 335 GBP), versus the new Japanese price of 49,980 Yen ( 335 Euro, 225 GBP), sadly, and unless Sony make a u-turn on previous statements it looks likely that only Japan will feel the benefit of the platform holder's 'generosity'.

In separate but related news, a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia revealed that the 20 GB model would stay price at 829.95 AUD (490 Euro). More soon.

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