LA Noire signs for Rockstar

Violent detective adventure promised

Brandan McNamara may be most famous for crafting The Getaway when employed by Sony UK, but the designer has long since upped-sticks and now plies his trade at the studio he found: Team Bondi, Australia. Rockstar have been courting the new studio, it turns out, and have signed a deal to publish Team Bondi's debut title... LA Noire.

Whilst Rockstar weren't to be drawn on many specifics, we do know the game was previously being crafted for the PlayStation 3 console - so it could be that the game will now be heading to other platforms additionally. A classic Film Noir-inspired plot set in the 1940s and starring a detective is the order of the day we're told.

Apparently, an engrossing plot will be blended with action and puzzling, featuring open-ended challenges as the player takes on some of LA's most brutal criminals. "Brendan and I have known each other for a long time, and to finally have the opportunity to work together on a game is exciting," revealed Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. More soon.

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