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The Order: 1886 will be single player, aiming for 30fps

Galahad to he the main playable character

Ready At Dawn's founder Ru Weerasuriya has given a couple of new snippets of information on their interesting-looking PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886.

There has been a bit of interest over how the game will play given it's four main protagonists but Weerasuriya has revealed that it will be a single-player experience focusing on Galahad as the main playable character.

“The title is a third-person action game for single player,” he told German site Play3 (translated by Google). “The reason to focus on a squad of four characters is obvious. With The Order: 1886 we want to establish a new brand with its own heroes and personalities. Nevertheless, The player itself controls the time being only one of them, Galahad.” The Order: 1886 will be single player, aiming for 30fps

On the game's visuals he revealed that they have opted to aim for 30fps at 1080p to increase the spectacle of the in-game action.

He went on, “We currently do not seek a 60 frames per second. In a first person shooter that makes sure sense. Also, fighting games are undoubtedly predestined for 60 frames. But for us the cinematic experience is in the foreground - presented in full HD 1080p speak. In favour of spectacular effects and the highest resolution but we restrict ourselves to liquid 30 frames per second.”

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