Lumines going Live next month

Mizuguchi reveals all in Sweden

World-beating puzzle game hit Lumines looks set to hit the Xbox Live Arcade as early as next month, according to the latest word from game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Speaking at the Nordic Game event in Sweden, Mizuguchi told reporters that he expected Lumines Live out 'in the middle' of October.

Nordic Game also saw Mizuguchi demonstrate Lumines II for the PSP, though the Xbox Arcade version is expected out sooner than the November debut mooted for the full sequel, delivering the rhythmically-musical puzzler to a new audience. Mizuguchi still sounds enthusiastic about the prospect of musical puzzle titles generally, too, telling he hopes to craft "A new way to interact with the music. Maybe like a wallpaper or a screensaver. Screensavers are not interactive, but you do something, you get a reaction from it. Not a deep game, but playing with music."

More on all things Lumines Live, Lumines II and Lumines 'New' as we get it, then.

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