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Live invites you to TGS and X06

Special coverage from tomorrow...

Not one of the fortunate industry few that can put trips to the Tokyo Games Show and X06 down as legitimate company expenses? Don't feel too down, because Microsoft are promising nine days of special events coverage on the Xbox Live service, aimed at getting gamers right into the thick of the action. A similar initiative worked very well for Live at this year's E3, MS delivering exclusive playable demos, announcements and game footage tied with the zeitgeist on show in LA.

Once again, demos, videos, show footage and more will be the order of the day, running from the 20th to the 29th of September - taking-in both crucial industry events. Gamers will also get interviews and press conference footage, and we're also promised word on a major 'franchise' bound for the Live Arcade.

Whilst content remains unspecific, MS have promised 'stuff' on games like Viva Pinata, Kane and Lynch, Forza 2 and Call of Duty 3, among other big-name titles. The icing on the cake comes for those who have yet to sign-up for the Xbox Live Gold subscription, with MS granting all European 360 gamers access to the service for free over the duration of the special week-and-a-bit. More soon, then.

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