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Valve taking sign-ups to beta test Steam Music

Play and manage your music collection in game via Big Picture

Valve has started soliciting sign-ups for Steam users wanting to participate in a beta test of Steam Music.

Steam Music will allow PC gamers to listen to their music library while they play games on Steam. Steam Music will be available to players using Big Picture mode or Steam OS simply by pointing Steam to the directory where their music is stored.

Users will be able to browse their music collection with their controller or the mouse and keyboard by artist or album, queue up some tracks to listen to in game and then jump into their game of choice. Valve taking sign-ups to beta test Steam Music

Steam Music is then available via the Steam overlay where users will be able to manage their current playlist and browse their collection to see what to listen to next.

To express an interest in beta-testing Steam Music head over to the Steam Music forum on the Steam Community and join up. 

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