Telltale push for Sam and Max on Wii

Developer needs your help...

Developers Telltale Studios are pushing for their Sam and Max series of episodic adventures to be made available for the Nintendo Wii, having recently completed the first episode in the new adventure series, to be sold and distributed via the interweb. Telltale reckon they want to make it happen, but confess they need the Big N's backing to make it so. Thusly, they're requesting gamers write or email Nintendo - asking for Sam and Max to be made available on the new console.

" thinking it's a great idea isn't enough," conceded Emily Morganti on the official forum. "We need the guys at Nintendo to agree. And with a company as big as Nintendo, getting noticed by the right people can be tricky." "If you want to keep emailing us about how great Sam & Max would be on the Wii, please do. It's great to see how many people are interested in this sort of thing (and we know that for every mail we get, there are a bunch more of you out there who didn't write)," she explained.

She urged fans to contact Nintendo, stating that a large response would help catch the firm's eye. Episode 1 will be out soon, with a further five episodes planned in Telltale's new series. More as we get it.

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