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Steam gets Psychonauts

...and other Majesco titles, too

Shamefully under-performing slice of gaming originality Psychonauts will be getting another shot at sales success thanks to Valve software's content delivery system Steam, it was revealed today. Publisher Majesco recently signed a new deal to proffer their wares via the popular service, and we're told that the PC version of the title will be available to purchase and download from October.

A number of other Majesco games are already available via Steam, including BloodRayne and BloodRayne 2, not to mention big-budget space shooter Advent Rising. These titles will set you back in the region of 10 to 20 USD. For their part, Majesco reckon they've now got a chance to 'broaden' their titles' appeal (games like Advent Rising barely registered at retail, despite massive marketing and huge investment from the publisher). They are also convinced that Steam is the number one 'digital download platform', which it probably is, we reckon.

High-profile triple-A flops have left Majesco in something of a financial quagmire, and forced a refocussing of the business on smaller, cheaper titles. Indeed, Steam could be the final swan-song for the major titles with which the firm's schedules were previously littered. More soon.

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