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March 2007 for Euro Wii?

Tension mounts...

Troubling rumours emerging late today suggest that European gamers (and those in other PAL regions, such as Australasia) could be about to get rather annoyed - with speculation mounting that the Wii console won't be released until March 2007 in the region. If this proves true, PAL gamers will once again quite rightly feel they've been neglected in favour of American and Japanese gamers, who will be getting the Wii in November and December respectively.

The rumour was sparked by an ad on the official Argos retailer website, which sports an 'Out in March 2007' spiel promoting the new console. European gamers recently suffered the ignominy of the PlayStation 3 slipping in the region, with that too now ear-marked for March 2007. Of course, with nothing official emerging from Ninty we're hopeful that this is idle speculation - though one sharp forum poster did point out the disturbing: that the DS hit the USA in November, Japan in December and Europe in March the following year. Let's hope the Big N don't have a similar plan for the Wii, then.

Either way, we'll find at noon GMT tomorrow, at the platform holder's London press event.

Update: Argos have now switched the advert back to reading 'winter 2006', as it had stated previously. Hopefully this is a sign of an error, rather than a premonition.

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