HD-DVD inside Xbox 360 after all?

Taiwanese DVD drive makers reckon so...

Wednesday afternoon - the back of the week broken - and what better way to celebrate than with a spot of rumour and speculation concerning the relationship between the Xbox 360 and the emerging HD-DVD format. What we know: that an external HD-DVD drive will be made available for the Xbox 360 this Christmas costing in the region of 199 GBP. What we've heard: that Microsoft are plotting some future revision of the Xbox 360 console, incorporating the new DVD format into the body of the main console. Microsoft are, perhaps unsurprisingly, denying all knowledge of such a revision at this point - but this hasn't put pay to a number of rumours which have surfaced in recent months. are the latest reporters of this tantalising chatter, citing manufacturing sources in Taiwan who reckon Microsoft is in the process of selecting a company to build the new internal drive so far denied by the platform holder. Speculation suggests that a new version of the Xbox 360 equipped with the HD-DVD drive could be ready to go in the first of 2007. Of course, MS has always promised not to put games on HD-DVDs anyway, which would in effect split the format in two - but they will still be keen to counter the efforts of Sony who are using Blu-Ray extensively.

Earlier in the summer, a Toshiba spokesperson commented that "I would imagine that there are plans in place to put an HD-DVD drive internally in future revisions of the product," further fueling rumours of a new console. More on this idle chit-chat as we get it.

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