XFire and PS3 take aim at Live?

...or do they?

A new report on US games site suggests that Sony could be partnering with PC multiplayer service provider XFire, in a bid to close the gap on rival Microsoft's Xbox LIve game service. Apparently, a new financial report reveals the link between the firms, so nothing official has been said revealed by Sony. That stated, this is a logical connection, XFire already boasting the chat, matchmaking and server management expertise Sony will need to create a viable multiplayer platform for the PlayStation 3 console. Indeed, XFire is already rather popular with FPS and RPG gamers on the PC.

However, all is not as it seems - further addendum to the report revealing that the XFire platform will probably only be used for the multiplayer component of specific titles, rather than the whole network, which once again looks like it could be a disjointed melange of individual service provisions, rather than one unified service a la Xbox Live. Indeed, representatives from XFire and Sony were at pains to point out that XFire won't be the answer to PlayStation 3 Online, but aspects of the firm's technology could certainly be used in relation to particular products by the sound of things.

Word from Sony now points to XFire's involvement in one title, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom, though the original report does note that XFire's financial document still implies a fully-fledged version of the PC service for the PS3. More on PS Online confusion as we get it.


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