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PSP gets new Prince of Persia

Two Thrones goes mobile

The Sony PSP handheld is being lined-up a new version of the latest in the Prince of Persia series, news today from the publisher reveals. Unfortunately, it isn't a brand new title designed exclusively for the platform, but unique content and enhancements are promised. Based on the latest console outing, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones will be out in-time for the festive season, and marks the Prince's second outing on Sony's PlayStation Portable.

Pipeworks Software are developing the new game, presumably based heavily on the PS2 original, and a release in America in 2007 will follow PAL-region launches at the end of this year. One aspect of the new title that could be worth getting excited about is the multiplayer component, which we're told will allow gamers to play as the Prince and his nemesis the Dark Prince, swinging and leaping through trap-ridden levels attempting to out-manouver and ensnare each other.

A number of special levels will be present, but the basic premise and plot will not differ from the console original - the Prince returning to Babylon from the Island of Time. The fighting system has reportedly been evolved somewhat, too, and we'll learn more as the game nears our UMD-drives.

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