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Sam and Max return nears

Less than a month to go...

Adventure gaming favourites Sam and Max are very nearly back with us, according to the latest word from the people engineering the comic book duo's return to interactive entertainment. Developer Telltale Games have apparently got six episodes in the pipeline, to be released and sold via the internet, with the first set to be with us in under a month.

What's more, gamers eager to enjoy a blast of friendly nostalgia will even be able to pick-up this first instalment, Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock, for an extra low price – especially if they subscribe to the GameTap broadband network. Celebrating the service's first-birthday, the new game will be available to download exclusively for 15 days – as part of the usual 9.95 USD per month fee.

After the 15 day exclusivity period is over, you'll then also be able to acquire the game from the Telltale website, with this agreement reportedly covering all six episodes. This will be the first Sam and Max based title released since the crime-fighting animals first dazzled us in a LucasArts point-and-click classic back in the early 90s – so anticipation is naturally running high. It is currenlty unclear how much the game will cost when purchased individually. More soon.

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