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Patch 1.09 arrives for Killzone: Shadow Fall

Single player frame rate now lockable to 30fps

The latest patch has arrived for Killzone; Shadow Fall bringing an array of fixes and updates to the PS4-exclusive shooter.

The biggest improvement to the game comes in the form of clan support. Features like inviting party members to join your clan and clantags are now available in-game as well as on the game's official website.

They have also expanded Warzone discoverability with a reworked version of the multiplayer menu adding more Warzones as well as allowing parties in Warzone. Patch 1.09 arrives for Killzone: Shadow Fall

The single player has also received a host of improvements including the ability to lock the frame rate to 30fps for a more stable visual experience and adding checkpoint saving to every revive event to make the game less of a trek if you die.

More information is available over on the Killzone website

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