VU snap-up Double Fine latest

But no specifics, sadly

Psychonauts, the inexplicably over-looked slice of gaming originality from Double Fine Games and design veteran Tim Schafer, clearly caught the eye of major publishers sufficiently to ensure that the developers next title would be better supported. Thusly VU Games have snapped-up the publishing rights to Double Fine's next title, which has yet to be announced.

The new game will be crafted for unspecified systems, probably of the next-gen variety, and if the game is anywhere near as good as Psychonauts, it'll hopefully get the mass exposure it deserves through VU's backing. The game will be published under Vivendi's Sierra label.

"Combine a developer-friendly attitude, support for innovation, major-publisher status with a worldwide scope and you have a perfect match for Double Fine," enthused Tim Schafer.

A spokesperson for the publisher added: "Double Fine's track record for producing innovative, original and fun titles is second to none, and we're looking forward to bringing amazing games to market together.”

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