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2K to deliver Jade Empire

For the PC...

Everyone was rather tickled by Bioware's ambitious kung-fu kicking RPG Jade Empire when it was released on the Xbox console in early 2005 – and a PC version has been awaited with baited-breath ever since. Microsoft were expected to publish the game for Windows, as they did for the Xbox, but the news in today is that 2K Games will be delivering the game for personal computers.

Better late than never, 2K and Bioware reckon the new Jade Empire will be out in January 2007, sporting a load of new bonus features and improved graphics. Since releasing this title, Bioware has stepped-back from an initimate relationship with Redmond, instead forming an indie union with Pandemic – backed by venture capitalists Elevation Partners.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with 2K to deliver the immersive story and exciting world of Jade Empire to PC gamers," beamed Ray Muzyka, CEO of Bioware.

The PC title will come bundled with an art book, and will feature improved controls designed specifically for the PC, as well as better enemy AI and visuals worthy of even the mighiest PC. Oh yes.

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